HVAC System Maintenance Tips

HVAC system maintenance is essential because HVAC system failure and malfunction may cause many problems ranging from discomfort and sickness to more serious and dangerous ones. HVAC system comprises all appliances that you use to heat and cool your home as well as to maintain its proper ventilation.

Those appliances require periodical maintenance because they rely on energy sources, such as electricity, coal and natural gas, and because they consist of moving components. The purposes of system maintenance are to make sure that the appliances work perfectly, that their operation will not cause harm to the building’s occupants, and that the components of those appliances are properly inspected.

General HVAC System Maintenance Tasks

There are two types of HVAC system maintenance task: general tasks that must be done to all HVAC appliances and specific tasks that are necessary only for specific HVAC appliances. Tasks that are necessary for both heating and cooling appliances include thermostat check, electrical connection and components check, moving parts lubrication, system controls check, and condensate drain clogging check.

Appliance-Specific HVAC System Maintenance Tasks

In addition to those general tasks, there are some tasks that are required only for specific HVAC appliances. To maintain proper operation of air conditioner, several maintenance tasks, including evaporator cleaning and checking, refrigerant level checking, blower adjustment and cleaning, and coil cleaning and checking, are necessary.

For the heater, the necessary maintenance tasks include checking oil or gas connection (depending on the type of fuel used), checking gas pressure, checking heat exchanger, and checking burner combustion. For the ventilation system, regular cleaning and checking of ventilators and air ducts is necessary.

Some of those tasks require professional handling, but there are also tasks that can be done without professional help. You can decide which tasks you want to do as DIY works and which ones you want to entrust to professional.

Just make sure that you never skip scheduled HVAC system maintenance tasks as damages that occur in such system can be costly and difficult to repair.