Tips to Display Decorative Plates

Decorative plates are nice type of decoration that can be chosen for classic home interior design with classic home furnishings too. Take the best way to display the valuable plates so it will not fall down. Choose the most effective decorating style where the plates could be some spotlights.

The rack, stand, cabinets or wall mount installations are some great ideas to hold the plates.

Displaying on a Plate Stand

Choose a metal, wood, or acrylic plate stand to display the decorative plates. Place every plate at a slight angle so it sits behind and rests beside the stand. If you choose a single plate stand, it is easier to display on a fireplace mantel, on a bookshelf, or on the countertop of your kitchen. Have some plate stands if you need to display multiple plates.

Hanging the Decorative Plates

The plates are also effective choices of wall art. Hang the plates by using wall hangers. Use a ruler to measure the vertical zone for the plate. Choose a wall hanger in suitable measurement with the vertical measurement and then stretch the metal spring of the hanger on the back of the plate so the vinyl covered prong hold the corners of the plate. Use a screw with metal or wall anchor house to attach the loop of the hanger.

Displaying on Shelves

The plates can also be displayed on the home furnishings like a custom designed shelf. Customize a shelf with thin grooves carving on the surface that enable to grip the plates’ edge. The shelving is convenient option for those who need to use the plates in a much longer time.

Besides, a furniture like a shadow box or display case are also effective options to display the dimensional plates. Use a double sided foam tape to secure the plates inside the case or box. Furthermore, you can display the decorative plates on an entryway table or bookshelf, or another area at your home.