How to Clean Sofa Fabrics

Sofa fabrics are easy to clean anytime needed, even the stain isn’t visible. The faded and dingy look of sofa is caused by the dust settles at home. Besides, it could also cause the problems of dust mite and also allergies. Actually, most sofa fabric kinds can be cleaned with common upholstery cleaning process. For microfiber fabrics, it needs drier cleaning type.

Generally, the cleaning types are suitable for any fabric types. Before cleaning sofa fabrics, remove the cushions if it isn’t attached. The cushions could be cleaned separately.

  • Vacuum the Entire Sofa

First, attach the vacuum hose and then start vacuuming the dirt on the seat area and then continue to the entire area. Avoid rubbing the sofa fabrics with the hose because it will push the dirt deeper into the fabric’s fibers. The suction of the vacuum is quite effective to clean the dirt.

  • Clean the Fabrics

Next, you need some foaming spray to clean the heavily soiled area of the furniture. Check the label to know the cleaning process; you may need to shake the foam bottle before applying the cleaner. Using a damp sponge, rub the foamy cleaner on the fabric smoothly. You should rinse the sponge when it starts dirty. Use a dry sponge in the microfiber fabrics and switch it with new and dry sponge when it starts dirty.

Apply the cleaner to the entire of the furniture and use a clean sponge for rubbing. Dry the sofa surfaces completely, you can speed up the drying process by using a fan. While waiting the drying process, you can clean the cushions by vacuuming it thoroughly. Clean the upholstery side by side and wait until one side dried completely before cleaning another side.

  • Vacuum the Sofa Again

Vacuum the furniture again when the whole parts are dried. It will remove the excess cleaner from the fabric. Next, vacuum the cushions side by side too. When you have done with one side, wait until it dry and then continue to another side of sofa fabrics and then vacuum it too once it is dry.