Basic Tips for Hiring Plumbing Service Company

When you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you have to know the best tips for hiring plumbing services. Actually, not only remodeling, but whenever you find the bad condition of your plumbing system, kitchen and bathroom element, you will need help from professional services. But some people may have not known the basic tips to hire plumbing service company, and then they feel so dissatisfied after hiring it.


For you who need help from plumbing service, you are better to know some tips for hiring the services. Here the details information for you.

  • Things You have to Consider before Hiring Plumbing Service Company

Actually, there are some things you have to consider before hiring a plumbing service company. It will help you to find the best plumbing service company that fulfills your expectation. Here the things you have to consider:

· Reputation

The first thing you have to consider before hiring a plumbing service company is the company’s reputation. You can check out the reputation by visiting the website. In the website, you will find many reviews of other client. If the reputation of your target company is good, then you can hire that company to remodel your kitchen or bathroom and also repair the element that is damage in your bathroom and kitchen.

· Availability

The next thing you have to consider is company’s availability. A good plumbing service company is usually available all time (24 hours). It will help you to fix or repair all things whenever you need. As we know that the damage can happen every time, so you need plumbing service company that is available all day. So, the company will help you whenever you need.

· The Crew

The plumbing service company usually will send you some workers. The task you have to do is make sure that the worker has license. Licensed worker will do their work optimally, so you will be satisfied with the result.

· Price

Price is other thing you have to consider before hiring plumbing service. Make sure that you have known the estimate of the price for hiring plumbing service company. So, you will get the best deals that will make you satisfy.

· Quality

The last thing you have to make sure is the quality of plumber that is sent to your home. A reliable plumber will know the right steps for repairing or remodeling the element of your bathroom and kitchen. You should make sure it because there are so many people who feel so regret after hiring plumbing service company because they found some damage of their bathroom element. So, you have to make sure that the plumber really work so well and professional.

  • 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber

The tips above may have given you some easy steps to hire plumbing service company. But if you still confuse, you can ask the questions below to the plumber, so you will know whether the plumber can work optimally or not.

1. Are You Licensed?

Before hiring a plumber, ask him about the license. A licensed plumber will do the task or job optimally, and then you will be satisfied with the result.

2. Is This the Total Cost?

Don’t ask about cost in the phone, but let the plumber see the job that should be done in your home. Then, ask the plumber about the total cost. Make sure that the cost is not different with your estimation. You can browse to know the cost for hiring a plumber. Then, you will know the average cost to hire plumber. Make sure that the cost you have to pay is the total cost, because you will be very annoyed when the plumber asks you about additional cost.

3. When Do You Want Payment?

It is also question you have to ask when hiring a plumber. Don’t hire a plumber that request cost before he start the job. A reliable plumber will request the cost after finishing the job, some of reliable plumber also just requests half of total cost, and ask the remain cost after a week or more, to make sure that his work is good.

4. Do You Clean Up Your Mess?

Hiring a plumber who cleans his mess after doing job will be really helpful for you. As we know that after the plumber finish his job, the bathroom or kitchen will look so dirty. So, hiring a plumber that will clean the mess will make you really helpful.

5. What If Something Breaks?

The last question you have to ask is about something that may break when the plumber doing his job. So, you have to hire plumber that offer the guarantee, so you can take advantages from it.

Those are some information for you about tips for hiring plumbing services company. The tips above are so simple and easy to use, so you can hire plumbing service company that fulfills your expectations. Finally, hopefully the tips for hiring plumbing services above will be helpful for you.

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Common Problems of Plumbing and How to Fix Them

Plumbing problems are able to be happened when you get or move to a new house, since there are a lot of things you need to be adapted. Such as the neighborhood, the rules which are applied there, or even the atmosphere and the condition of the house itself. When it comes to the condition of the new house, several problems may be found.

One of several problems which are commonly happened in new house is problems of plumbing.

plumbing repair problem

Some problems of plumbing are pretty easy to fix by yourself, while some others are more specific and complicated. So that you need the help from the professionals to fix the problems. Here are the problems of plumbing which are commonly occurred and how to fix them.

Dripping Faucets

It must be really annoying to know that your faucets are dripping. The sound itself is enough to make you annoyed and find it hard to fall asleep. Moreover, dripping faucets is the reason why your water bill rises up.

Water enters your house is under pressure through the pipes. When the tap is turned off, washers which are rubbers based or silicone based forms a seal which is water tight. The water tight seal is able to prevent more waters from pushing the way of the water itself from the pipes and also out of your faucets.

The rubber based or silicone based washers are able to be stiff or torn over time. This condition allows small size water coming through and further creating the drip of water.

You can fix this common problem of plumbing if the problem is not that severe and you have the tools. But if the leak is long enough, the valve seat is able to be corroded or worn, so that it will be better if you leave it to the professional plumbers. Since this condition also needs special tools to fix the problems.

Whether it is you or professional plumbers who can fix this problem of plumbing yourself, it also depends on the materials of your taps. If your taps are made from ceramics, the plumbing repair problem will be more complicated and complex compared to a simple replacement of washers.

Even though ceramic taps which are also called canister taps or are durable and require less often maintenance compared to rubber based or the silicone based ones.

Low Water Pressure

This kind of problem of plumbing usually happens in the sink faucet. Low water pressure problem may do not have something to do with your pipes. But it can be related to municipal water supply. It is rare, but if there is a break in the main line, it will reduce the water pressure temporarily.

The buildup of sediment or deposits of calcium on the aerators of the faucet is the most common cause this problem of plumbing occurs. If the low water pressure affects both your hot and cold water, this means there is a problem with the aerators.

You can fix a blocked aerator on your own, since this problem is quite easy to fix. You just need to remove the aerator and clean up the buildup of sediment or deposits of calcium by using vinegar, then put it back on its place.

If your water pressure is still low, even after you clean up the aerator, there might be a more complex problem such as leaking pipes. Leaking pipes will damage the foundation or infrastructure of your house. Immediately get a help from professional plumbers to fix the problem.

Running Toilet

Another familiar problem of plumbing is running toilet. There are a lot of causes which make this kind of plumbing problem occurs. Such as there might be a buildup of sediments which affects the proper filling and flushing, or there might be a leak.

If your water bill rises up, this means the problem of running toilet is caused by leaking. In order to detect if there is a leak in your toilet, you can check it by adding a few food coloring drops to the upper tank. Leave it for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. If you see the water is tinted, this means there is a problem with your flapper valve.

Check it first whether it is the toilet fill valve, the toilet flapper, or the flush valve where the problem is laid. Then fix the problem yourself or you can ask for helps from the professional plumbers if you are not sure about how to fix the problem.

Leaky Pipes

This kind of problem of plumbing usual happens in joints. If this problem occurs, you need to replace the joints. Even though it is not complex and difficult thing to do, the repairing can be messy. If you hate cleanup process or you don’t have the required cleaning tools, you can get the helps from the professional plumbers.

To stop the leaks, you can use leak tapes or rubber sheet for temporary repairing until the plumbers come to help you fixing the problem.

Slow or Clogged Draining Sink

If the waters which goes into your sink are not going out, this means there is a clog both can be partial or complete. The pop up which is used to stop the sink up is able to collect ruins and hair over time. This is the most common cause of slow or clogged draining sink.

You need to clean up the debris and hair to get your draining sink works properly again. You can get the helps from the plungers. The plungers usually use air pressure to remove the clog. But this will damage the materials of your pipes if it is used too often.

You can use a plumbing tool which is called Zip it. This tool of plumbing will help you cleaning the drain up. Another option of repairing this kind of problem of plumbing is by removing and cleaning the pop up. This will fix this slow draining sink plumbing problem.

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