The Best Ceiling Lamps for Your Need

ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamps are totally needed in your house because it is one of the light sources that you can get. Of course you can also use wall sconces or regular LED light in your house but if you want to make your ceiling more beautiful and effectively shine up the room, you need ceiling lamps. Beside of that, the light hanging on the ceiling is also considered as lighting decor.

It can both shine up the room and decorate the room. Below, you will find more information about the types of ceiling lamp that may match your need.

1. Flush

This kind of light for your ceiling is one of the types of mounted ceiling lights. It can be used as a lighting decor as well. This kind of light is very suitable to be installed in a room with low ceilings and a lot of traffics. The bulb that is usually used for this kind of ceiling lamp is the one with LED bulb.

Ceiling lamps with flush type usually has the beam of straight forward light so that it can light up a huge room.

2. Semi Flush

This kind of ceiling light is not quite hidden as the flush type but you can also see the light hanging from the ceiling. So, it is looking like tiny lamps haging down the ceiling. The beam produced by this kind of ceiling light is not as strong as the flush type.

However, it is great as lighting decor because you can visually see the light hanging down the ceiling. Use this kind of lamp in a room with high ceiling and large size.

3. Pendant

Pendant is more like on the decorative size than to the lighting function. Using pendant light, you can see chain, cords, and decorative glasses hanging down from the ceiling. It is all about the attractions and usually this kind of light is used in a room with great decoration.

If you want to use the ceiling lamps, you need to make sure that the ceiling is very high. You cannot use pendant light in a low-ceiling room.

4. Chandelier

Chandelier is one of the best ceiling lamps you can ever use. It is gorgeous, glorious, and very luxurious. A chandelier will involve massive glass decor hanging down the ceiling. It is very great as decoration. Basically it is almost the same as the pendant type. However, it is bigger and more glorious.

If you want to have chandelier for your house, remember these things: first, do not use chandelier if your room is either small or low-ceiling. Chandelier is only working well if it is used in a massive room with tall ceiling. Second, if you have small children, make sure the chandelier is installed properly. You do not want the chandelier to drop down and fall down to your family.

Chandeliers are the ceiling lamps that can be both as the light fixture and as the decoration. That is why it is great item to use if you want to create a focal point with lighting decor in the room.

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Tips to Select LED Lamps

LED lamps are now often sought because they have so many good features compared to regular lamps. First of all, LED is more durable than a regular lamp. It can last longer and even last for years without losing its goodness. Second, this kind of light is also great for environment.

These lamps are also considered as energy efficient bulbs so that it does not worsen the global warming and it also does not heat up the room like a regular lamp or bulb does. Beside of that there are still many advantages of using this kind of light.

Below are some tips for you about how to choose LED lamp if you are interested in buying it.

1. The Bulb Shape

The first thing you have to pay attention to is the bulb shape of the LED lamps. Basically, there are four shapes that are common for the bulb. Four of them are the floodlight shape, the spotlight shape, the line shape, and lastly the candle shape.

Although there are more shapes, four of them are the most common. To choose the right bulb shape of the LED, you need to know exactly the purpose of each bulb for you. It matters because the light produced by this kind of energy efficient bulbs is directional.

It means that it can only light up narrow area. If you want the LED bulb to light up wide area, you choose must be the one having the exact ability. So, here is the deal: floodlight shaped LED bulb and line shaped LED bulb are suitable for wide room.

It is because they both have wide angles. The floodlight shaped bulb is great for outdoor lighting and line shaped bulb is great work well for indoor lighting (for wide indoor room). As for the spotlight shaped, it has a quite narrow beam. So, only use this kind of bulb if you want to light up a small room or use the LED bulb to light up only a particular object in a room.

Now for the candle bulb shaped LED bulb, they are only suitable to be used in a wall sconces and chandeliers. The beam produced by this kind of energy efficient bulbs is ambient and directional.

2. The Color

This kind of energy efficient bulbs has numerous different colors. So, to maximize the performance of the lamp, you need to choose the exact color. The common colors available for this kind of energy efficient bulbs are bluish white, white, red, green, soft white, and blue.

When deciding which color you want to choose for the bulb, you need to consider two things. First of all, consider the color rendering. You need to consider the ability of the LED color to support the true color of the object. If the color of the LED light makes the object looks weird, do not choose that color. Second of all, consider the temperature. Remember that if the temperature is higher, the white beam produced by the LED lamp is brighter.

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