Guidelines to Choose Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs would be an excellent choice among dozens of types of rugs available on the market. These elegant floor coverings are made from strands of silk or wool and are given complicated patterns. Also the long labor-intensive process is responsible for the price.

So don’t be surprised once you notice the price because these rugs are really noteworthy to have once in a life time. Based on materials used and time to work on it, you need to be carefully choosing an oriental rug. Of course you do not need money wasted in vain. Make sure you bring home the real, original Oriental rug. So here are some of guidelines to help selecting the rugs.

  • Do measurement

An Oriental rug comes in a wide variety of sizes. You can’t just buy the rug when interested without taking actual measurement of your room. So the first thing to do is to walk around the room and measure it. The result gives you a conclusion of the sizes of rugs that would fit perfectly.

Besides room, Oriental rugs are also fabulous for covering stair runners. Like what you have done to your room, the stairs are required to measure and the number of rises is needed to count.

Surely people apply some themes or styles to their home. Patterns and colors that go well with the theme somehow play an important role when you are about to shop for area rugs.

If memorizing is something you need to deal, then taking a picture of the room will bring any good. It helps you to decide patterns and colors of rugs. Oriental rugs are such a beautiful, luxurious rug with lovely colors and gorgeous patterns like geometrics, floral, decorative, and pictorials.

  • Consider materials

Materials are necessary to consider. Area rugs with poor materials won’t promise you a single thing. That’s why you need to consider even observe materials used to make these rugs.

Wool is one of materials for area rugs and it is resilient and soft and produces warmth. Meanwhile, Silk Orientals can also be used for rugs though they are not ‘rough’ like wool rugs. But Silk Orientals are luxurious. It would be better to place both of these rugs in a room with warmer climes and low traffic.

  • The history

Since an Oriental rug is worthy enough for your money, it does not bring any harm to ask retailers about the history. You need to know that Persia is a country where Oriental rug production occurs. Meanwhile, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Romania, Armenia, Egypt, and Morocco are countries where real Orientals come from.

For your information, an authentic Oriental rug cannot be seen and found easily in any Western country. Particular areas from each country mentioned produce special types of rugs.

Before getting disappointed of an Oriental rug you think it is good, it would be better to some examination first. Look closely and consider deeply of materials, years, methods of Oriental rugs.

Please don’t be worried to turn the rug to notice the weave. Artificial methods make some rugs look old. Probably you can also collect some information about the rug from internet or relatives who have purchased Oriental area rug. Lovely home will be looking nice with real Oriental rugs.

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