How to Reduce Odor in Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is a tool that helps cleaning debris and dust quickly from the floors and other parts of the home such as sofa fabric. However, some odor often comes out from the cleaning tool. When you face this problem, then you need to maintain it by completely clean the vacuum’s bag. You should empty the bag of the vacuum to prevent odor comes again.

Vacuum Cleaner Exterior Cleaning

Use a cloth and warm soapy water to wipe down the vacuum’s exterior. If necessary, use a toothbrush to clean the crannies and nooks. Place the vacuum on the floor to ease you cleaning the brush mechanism. To clean any string or hair, you can use a seam ripper or scissors. Clean all objects that become debris on the brush mechanism.

Go to the Vacuum Interior

Next, you also should check the belt of the vacuum. Open the vacuum’s bottom by unscrewing it with a screw driver and then replace the belt if it has been broken. Stand up the vacuum cleaner to remove the bag. Before it is halfway full, the bag should be cleaned or you can dispose the filter bag of the vacuum.

Anti-Odor Cleaning with Vinegar Mixture

Clean the vacuum from any bacteria with a mixture of one cup warm water and one half cup vinegar. Take a washcloth and damp it with the mixture to clean the interior of the vacuum. To reach the attachment area of the filter bag, you can use a toothbrush that has been dipped into the mixture. Clean any built up crud around the area. Besides, use the mixture to clean the hose attachment of the vacuum. Let it dry before reattach the hose.

Odor Prevention in Vacuum Cleaner

To prevent odor, you can use a cotton ball that has been soaked into some drops of essential oils. Then put the cotton ball into the new filter bag before reattach it to the vacuum. After everything has been done, reassemble the vacuum. Prevent odor by sucking sprinkles of baking soda on area rug or carpet by using your vacuum cleaner.