5 Smart Strategies to Save Energy on Refrigerator Utilization


Knowing how to save energy on refrigerator is necessary because refrigerator is one of home appliances that consume a large amount of energy. Refrigerator uses electricity to keep items stored in it cool. Any of appliances that transform electricity into heat energy is least likely to be energy-efficient. Besides, refrigerator is mostly turned on round-the-clock.

If you don’t take necessary measures to control your refrigerator’s energy consumption, expect your electricity bill to skyrocket. Here you can read about 5 strategies that you can use to keep your refrigerator utilization as energy-efficient as possible.

5 Strategies to Save Energy on Refrigerator

  • Keep your refrigerator opening frequency as low as possible

When you open the door of your refrigerator for 3 seconds, it will require 30 seconds to return to optimal cooling temperature. During this 30-second period, it will consume more energy than usual. Open your refrigerator only if necessary. When you shut its door, make sure that the door is properly shut.

  • Don’t put hot foods and drinks in your refrigerator

When you put hot things inside your refrigerator, the overall temperature of the refrigerator interior will rise. The appliance will work harder and consume more energy to lower that temperature. If you want to put hot things in the refrigerator, let them cool outside the refrigerator first before you put them in.

  • Keep the water bottle tray of your refrigerator full

Cold water will help the refrigerator normalize its temperature faster after you open its door. In fact, if your refrigerator is full of cold vegetables, fruits, etc., it will maintain its low temperature better. Therefore, always keep your refrigerator reasonably full.

  • Isolate your refrigerator from hot stuff

Placing your refrigerator next to a stove or an oven is a bad idea. The heat will force the refrigerator to work harder and cause it to consume more energy. Make sure that there is no hot stuff that is located near your refrigerator.

  • Defrost your refrigerator regularly

Frost buildup inside your refrigerator will cause your refrigerator’s motor to work harder. Be sure that you defrost your refrigerator regularly by turning it off for a couple of hours. Don’t try to remove the frost by hand using spoon or other solid things because doing so may cause serious damage to your refrigerator.

By using those 5 smart strategies to save energy on refrigerator, you can make sure that your refrigerator will operate cost-effectively.