Types of Heating Panels You Can Install at Home

Knowing all types of heating panels is important before installing a new one. Heating panel is a favorite choice for heating a house as it is lightweight, silent and energy-efficient. Radiant heating panel is also better than traditional furnace as it doesn’t use airflow as a medium for transmitting heat. Its use of electromagnetic thermal radiation makes it suitable not only for indoor use, but for outdoor use as well.

There are various types of heating panels that can be installed at home depending on how they operate and how they are installed. Knowing the characteristics of those panels helps you determine which panel is the best for your home.

How Does Heating Panel Work?

Heating panel heats a room by radiating the heat that it generates. Its operating mechanism is quite similar to that of sun. Sun provides warmth to you even if the air around you is cold. Heating panel works the same. It doesn’t transmit heat using airflow, but by radiating it.

Traditional heating systems, such as furnace, work by heating the air and letting the warm air flow throughout the room. Although this mechanism allows the room to be heated quickly, the air may carry particles that can be harmful to the occupants. Radiant heating panel heats the room more slowly, usually using infrared ray, but because it doesn’t use airflow, it is completely harmless.

Different Types of Heating Panel

The types of heating panels can be distinguished according to the amount of heat they produce, how they are used and how they are installed. An infrared heating panel can be categorized as IRA, IRB and IRC depending on how hot it is.

IRA or near infrared produces about 1300°C of heat and it is usually used for cooking and industrial uses. IRB or medium infrared emits between 500 and 800°C of heat and is good for industrial drying. The panel that is commonly used to provide comfortable heat is IRC or far infrared, which emits about 100°C of heat.

Heating panel doesn’t use airflow as a medium and the panel is relatively thin and lightweight, so it can be installed almost everywhere. In indoor areas, it can be installed on ceiling or wall. A heating panel may be installed permanently using permanent wall/ceiling mount or temporarily using specifically designed mount.

It can also be installed outdoors, where traditional heating system is mostly useless. No matter where the panel is installed, it can emit heat and warm to its surrounding in a similar way.

Is Heating Panel Similar to Hydronic System?

Heating panel is not the same with hydronic system. Although both systems operate on a similar principle to heat the room, i.e. by using radiation instead of convection, hydronic system is much bulkier. Hydronic system requires complicated components that have to be installed permanently under the floor or wall.

All types of heating panels are simpler and easier to install and they will help decorate the heated room due to their minimalistic and modern design.

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Tips to Select LED Lamps

LED lamps are now often sought because they have so many good features compared to regular lamps. First of all, LED is more durable than a regular lamp. It can last longer and even last for years without losing its goodness. Second, this kind of light is also great for environment.

These lamps are also considered as energy efficient bulbs so that it does not worsen the global warming and it also does not heat up the room like a regular lamp or bulb does. Beside of that there are still many advantages of using this kind of light.

Below are some tips for you about how to choose LED lamp if you are interested in buying it.

1. The Bulb Shape

The first thing you have to pay attention to is the bulb shape of the LED lamps. Basically, there are four shapes that are common for the bulb. Four of them are the floodlight shape, the spotlight shape, the line shape, and lastly the candle shape.

Although there are more shapes, four of them are the most common. To choose the right bulb shape of the LED, you need to know exactly the purpose of each bulb for you. It matters because the light produced by this kind of energy efficient bulbs is directional.

It means that it can only light up narrow area. If you want the LED bulb to light up wide area, you choose must be the one having the exact ability. So, here is the deal: floodlight shaped LED bulb and line shaped LED bulb are suitable for wide room.

It is because they both have wide angles. The floodlight shaped bulb is great for outdoor lighting and line shaped bulb is great work well for indoor lighting (for wide indoor room). As for the spotlight shaped, it has a quite narrow beam. So, only use this kind of bulb if you want to light up a small room or use the LED bulb to light up only a particular object in a room.

Now for the candle bulb shaped LED bulb, they are only suitable to be used in a wall sconces and chandeliers. The beam produced by this kind of energy efficient bulbs is ambient and directional.

2. The Color

This kind of energy efficient bulbs has numerous different colors. So, to maximize the performance of the lamp, you need to choose the exact color. The common colors available for this kind of energy efficient bulbs are bluish white, white, red, green, soft white, and blue.

When deciding which color you want to choose for the bulb, you need to consider two things. First of all, consider the color rendering. You need to consider the ability of the LED color to support the true color of the object. If the color of the LED light makes the object looks weird, do not choose that color. Second of all, consider the temperature. Remember that if the temperature is higher, the white beam produced by the LED lamp is brighter.

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How to Buy Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress is considered the most comfortable mattress available today. When you lie on it, the mattress will adapt to the natural curves of your body, providing reliable support to your entire body. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and your fatigue will be completely erased.

The foam of this mattress is sensitive to temperature change. When the temperature degree is low, it will become firmer. When you suddenly lie on it, your body heat will cause the foam to lose its firmness. As a result, you will feel as if the mattress is swallowing you. This sensation is what makes this mattress become people’s favorite for furnishing bedroom.

Factors to Consider When Buying Memory Foam Mattress

If you want to buy memory foam mattress, there are many factors to consider. Each factor is dependent on the others. Therefore, you may need to make some adjustment to them before you finalize your purchase.

1. Price
The most important factor is always the price. Due to the exclusive characteristic of this mattress, it is undoubtedly so expensive that its price may be way beyond $1,000 threshold. However, cheaper models are also available, although they usually don’t use 100% memory foam.

2. Size
Another factor that is also important is mattress size. This can range from single to king-size. To decide the right size for the mattress, you certainly need to decide who will use the mattress and, again, how much money that you want to spend to buy it.

3. Foam Density
The thickness of the foam is the last factor to mind. A mattress that consists of memory foam alone will be too soft and unstable. It requires additional material to maintain its firmness.

The thickness of the mattress is thus the combination of the thickness of the memory foam and that of that supporting material. The thicker the foam is, the softer the mattress will be. Check the foam’s thickness before you buy the mattress and try it so that you can make sure that the memory foam mattress that you buy has balanced softness and firmness.

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