The Complete Spinning Bike Buying Guide of 2015

When it comes to purchasing an exercise bike there are many factors to take into consideration. Price, value, durability are a few things you may look at first and foremost. What we will be covering today are spin bikes. These kinds of exercise bikes are among the most popular in both home gyms and commercial gyms. Many people who enjoys working out on these bike either do so by watching tv while riding or taking a spin class with some friends. So lets begin by giving you a general idea on purchasing a home spin exercise bike. If you are looking to purchase a new piece of gym equipment and you are not sure whether to buy an exercise bike or a cable weight system look no further in that a spin bike may be a wiser decision


First, as consumers we often find ourselves looking at the type of bike and of course how much the unit costs. When it comes to price there are a couple things you need to ask yourself. Is this the best value for my money? Will the product last the test of time? Does the company back its product, customer service and warranty? Usually when it comes to the price you get what you pay for. Cheap deals, and over the top marketing usually ends with lousy customer service, crappy construction and an all round sluggish product. Fitness equipment isn’t anything to play around with especially when there is a risk of injury. A couple tips when purchasing a spin bike is to zero in on well known brands, great warranties, and great company reputations.


Spin bikes are great for working out at home in front of your t.v or in your home gym. They usually don’t take up much space and most if not all of them store easy and out of the way. Spin bikes come in many ranges of colors as well as build standards. Some use rope tension and other sometime have built in tension mechanics. A few brand to keep an eye out for are Sunny Health and Fitness, Spinner Fit and Schwinn. Every brand has its own unique edge in the market of exercise bikes and finding the right one that fits your needs Some brands offer great pricing whereas other offer great customer service, but whatever brand you go with always do your research ahead of time.
Spin bikes are great for at home but if you are looking to purchase a fleet for a fitness startup or a small commercial gym then there are a few other point to look for in a spin bike. A few things may include durability, reliability, affordability warranty and customer service. Cheaping out on a fleet of exercise bike may end up being your worst nightmare, make sure your warranty is as solid as the construction of the product itself. Always take your riders and clients into consideration for comfort and quality.