Common Problems of Plumbing and How to Fix Them

Plumbing problems are able to be happened when you get or move to a new house, since there are a lot of things you need to be adapted. Such as the neighborhood, the rules which are applied there, or even the atmosphere and the condition of the house itself. When it comes to the condition of the new house, several problems may be found.

One of several problems which are commonly happened in new house is problems of plumbing.

plumbing repair problem

Some problems of plumbing are pretty easy to fix by yourself, while some others are more specific and complicated. So that you need the help from the professionals to fix the problems. Here are the problems of plumbing which are commonly occurred and how to fix them.

Dripping Faucets

It must be really annoying to know that your faucets are dripping. The sound itself is enough to make you annoyed and find it hard to fall asleep. Moreover, dripping faucets is the reason why your water bill rises up.

Water enters your house is under pressure through the pipes. When the tap is turned off, washers which are rubbers based or silicone based forms a seal which is water tight. The water tight seal is able to prevent more waters from pushing the way of the water itself from the pipes and also out of your faucets.

The rubber based or silicone based washers are able to be stiff or torn over time. This condition allows small size water coming through and further creating the drip of water.

You can fix this common problem of plumbing if the problem is not that severe and you have the tools. But if the leak is long enough, the valve seat is able to be corroded or worn, so that it will be better if you leave it to the professional plumbers. Since this condition also needs special tools to fix the problems.

Whether it is you or professional plumbers who can fix this problem of plumbing yourself, it also depends on the materials of your taps. If your taps are made from ceramics, the plumbing repair problem will be more complicated and complex compared to a simple replacement of washers.

Even though ceramic taps which are also called canister taps or are durable and require less often maintenance compared to rubber based or the silicone based ones.

Low Water Pressure

This kind of problem of plumbing usually happens in the sink faucet. Low water pressure problem may do not have something to do with your pipes. But it can be related to municipal water supply. It is rare, but if there is a break in the main line, it will reduce the water pressure temporarily.

The buildup of sediment or deposits of calcium on the aerators of the faucet is the most common cause this problem of plumbing occurs. If the low water pressure affects both your hot and cold water, this means there is a problem with the aerators.

You can fix a blocked aerator on your own, since this problem is quite easy to fix. You just need to remove the aerator and clean up the buildup of sediment or deposits of calcium by using vinegar, then put it back on its place.

If your water pressure is still low, even after you clean up the aerator, there might be a more complex problem such as leaking pipes. Leaking pipes will damage the foundation or infrastructure of your house. Immediately get a help from professional plumbers to fix the problem.

Running Toilet

Another familiar problem of plumbing is running toilet. There are a lot of causes which make this kind of plumbing problem occurs. Such as there might be a buildup of sediments which affects the proper filling and flushing, or there might be a leak.

If your water bill rises up, this means the problem of running toilet is caused by leaking. In order to detect if there is a leak in your toilet, you can check it by adding a few food coloring drops to the upper tank. Leave it for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. If you see the water is tinted, this means there is a problem with your flapper valve.

Check it first whether it is the toilet fill valve, the toilet flapper, or the flush valve where the problem is laid. Then fix the problem yourself or you can ask for helps from the professional plumbers if you are not sure about how to fix the problem.

Leaky Pipes

This kind of problem of plumbing usual happens in joints. If this problem occurs, you need to replace the joints. Even though it is not complex and difficult thing to do, the repairing can be messy. If you hate cleanup process or you don’t have the required cleaning tools, you can get the helps from the professional plumbers.

To stop the leaks, you can use leak tapes or rubber sheet for temporary repairing until the plumbers come to help you fixing the problem.

Slow or Clogged Draining Sink

If the waters which goes into your sink are not going out, this means there is a clog both can be partial or complete. The pop up which is used to stop the sink up is able to collect ruins and hair over time. This is the most common cause of slow or clogged draining sink.

You need to clean up the debris and hair to get your draining sink works properly again. You can get the helps from the plungers. The plungers usually use air pressure to remove the clog. But this will damage the materials of your pipes if it is used too often.

You can use a plumbing tool which is called Zip it. This tool of plumbing will help you cleaning the drain up. Another option of repairing this kind of problem of plumbing is by removing and cleaning the pop up. This will fix this slow draining sink plumbing problem.

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Tips to Choose Children’s Bed Cover for Their Comfort and Health

children bed

Children’s bed cover is one of important elements. This is because the bed cover increases their comfortableness while sleeping in their bedroom. It is a tricky to choose the best bed cover for children. If you have difficulty to choose the best bed cover for your children, you can learn how to do it well.

Hopefully, after reading this article you can choose the best one and your children will love it.

Choosing a bed cover which is match with the decoration of the room

You have to see the decoration or bedroom furnishing theme first. Let say, if the decoration is about jungle or nature it will be great if you choose the same theme for the bed cover. It is okay to make it a little bit different but you have to make sure that they will love it. If the bedroom is using fishes or underwater as the main decoration, it means you can take blue bed cover or any kind related to it although it doesn’t same with the decoration.

The material of the bed cover

Choosing a bed cover which is match with the decoration of the room is not the only consideration to choose the best bed cover for children. Moreover, selecting children’s bed cover is also about choosing the right material. In fact, the material of the bed cover determines the comfortableness of your children. For example, it is better for you to choose linen bed cover instead of cotton bed cover.

There are several reasons why line bed cover is good for children’s bed cover. One of the reasons is because linen bed cover is easy to clean than cotton bed cover. Definitely, it makes you easy to do because you are the one who have to clean the bed cover, aren’t you? It is also okay for you to take cotton because it is safety material for children.

It is also important for you to choose a material which safe for your children. Safety material bed cover means that the bed cover doesn’t trigger any kind of health problems such as allergic, asthma, and many more.

The comfort of the bed cover

One of the elements of comfort bed cover is cold and warm. Of course, it will be uncomfortable for your children if they have to sleep in a hot bed cover. Again, to decide whether it is hot or cold bed cover you have to know the material.

Just remember that comfort bed cover for children doesn’t mean that you should buy the expensive one. The best way to choose children’s bed cover is based on your budget. Then, you can start to explore the detail so you choose the best one.

If it is necessary, you can let your children choose the bed cover by themselves especially related the pattern or the design of the bed cover. Don’t forget to buy the bed cover in the right size. It is very important so you don’t choose the wrong bed cover such as too small or too big bed cover. Because of that, it is a must for you to measure the size of the bed first and then decide the best bed cover.

The importance choosing the right bed for children

Actually, it is not only about children’s bed cover but it is also about how you choose bed for your children. In this case, you have to know the age of your children first. It is very important to make sure that you get the right bed. If you get the right bed, you can also choose the right bed cover easier.

Choosing the right bed it means that you have to choose based on their weight, height, and the age of beloved children. Commonly, the transition from small bed to normal bed happens in 18 months up to 38 months. Of course, you have to consider changing the bed cover.

It is also a must for you to make sure that the bed as well as the bed cover is clean. Because of that you should clean the bed at least once a week. This activity will make the bed cover free from dust or any kind of dirty which can disturb the health of your children.

In conclusion, it is very important to get the best children’s bed cover not only for style but also for comfort and health.

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The Benefits of Installing Furnace Filter at Home

Furnace filter has to be replaced regularly. At least, you have to replace it after a few months. It is important to do it regularly to keep its efficiency and performance to filter air from pollutants. Replacing furnace filter is simple but it is also difficult especially if it your first time to replace it. Before replacing your furnace filter, you can learn first about how to replace it step by step from a video or from the steps below.

Steps of Replacing Furnace Filter

  • First Step

The first thing to do is turning off the furnace filter. Because it is your first time, you have to remember the way of turning off the furnace filter. It is important so later you can install the furnace filter back perfectly. After turning off it, you can start clean for dusk or any dirty. You can just clean it by using vacuum or water. If there is no problem, you have to dry it first before install just like before.

  • Second Step

If there is a problem with the furnace filter, it means you have to replace. The good news is that you can buy this product easily. You can buy it at local home centers, hardware stores, and also online stores. Before buying the furnace filter, it is also important to make sure that you get the right one. In this case, you have to check the rating of the product.

The size has to be right so you can easily remove the dirt, dust, and even smoke when it uses to filter air. The size is also various and the maximal size for the furnace filter is 5 inches. The best part of using bigger furnace filter is that you can filter the air cleaner. The cost of those furnace filters is also various. In specific, you have to spend around $20 up to $100 based on the brand and the size you need.

  • Third Step

Now, let say you have the right furnace filter. The last thing to do is installing the new filter to replace the damage one. Don’t forget to give the installing date so you know the right time to clean or replace the furnace filter. This is also the reason why you should notice or memorize the first time you replace the damage one.

By memorizing how you replace the previous filter, you can able to install a new filter easily. In the end, you can use your filter just like before so the air conditioner works well. Regarding heating system, you can find types of heating panels here.

The Sizes of Furnace Filter

Talking about furnace filter it means we have to talk about the size of this product. Actually, there are several sizes you can buy. For example, you can buy 10x20x1 inch. This type of size can use to filter several small particles including dust, pollen, micro particles, ultra particles, and many more. Unfortunately, this filter can’t be used to filter odor.

If you want to filter odor, it means you have to use 14x20x1 inch or 14x25x1 inch furnace filter. Those two filters are able to filter odor. Of course, they are also able to filter dust, pollen, micro particles, ultra particles, and many more. In specific, you can choose one of 40 filter sizes along with 7 different types of filter.

Hopefully, by using the right furnace filter your house or building can free from smoke, bacteria, dangerous particle, dusts, or any kind of substance which brings viruses. Your house will be healthier and it is good for your lovely family.

The Advantages of Using Furnace Filter

Moreover, you also need to know the reason why you have to use furnace filter. The first reason is because this filter can capture microscopic particles within air. Thanks to the electrostatic filter technology which can do it perfectly. Second, this filter has many sizes and types. In fact, you can choose around 40 sizes and 7 types of furnace filter based on your need. Third, it is also because you can use disposable furnace filter.

Disposable is great because you can totally removing the substances in the filter and changing it with the new one. It is also okay to use washable filter but you have to make sure that you can clean it perfectly before installing furnace filter back.

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Basic Things to Consider when Choosing Home Theater System

Home theater system recently becomes important investment in the modern home. We can make sure that modern people need the instant entertainment system which can be accessed anytime from the comfort of their home. They do not have enough time which can be spent to go to a distant place just for enjoying holiday trip for instance.

They only need to sit in their favorite living room sofa and enjoy the entertainment from the home theater at home. People can create a great gathering time at home yet it can be personal entertainment support as well.

Finding the system of home theater can be found easily out there but choosing the best one will be challenging because the best one for different people can be different. There are some basic things which people should consider when they are choosing for the best entertainment system in their home.

  • Room Size

People will install the home theater in the room in their house and they have to make sure that they can get the expected experience with the system in the room. In this circumstance, they need to consider about the room size when they are looking for the best entertainment system for their home.

If people will install the system in a big room, they need powerful receiver. Yes, room size will influence the choice of the home theater after all. Smaller room will get good enough support with home theater which has 50 watts RMS output. Bigger output will be needed if people install the home theater in the larger rooms.

Some people choose to make up their system. In this circumstance, they have to make sure that the speakers have ability for handling the receiver maximum output.

  • Placement of Speakers

The great thing about home theater entertainment system is that it comes with the surround sound speakers. They need to be installed with the defined position. Of course it means that people have to consider about the placement very carefully especially because the speakers come with different size.

People need to make sure that they have enough room for the speakers. They must not forget that there will be wire attaching the speaker with the receiver so they also have to consider about the traffic in the room. If people want to have compact option, people can put the speakers with small size in the bookcase and shelves but they cannot get the best sound. They should consider speaker stand in this circumstance.

  • Uses and Compatibility

There are various systems which can be found out there so people need to make sure that they buy according to the use. They can buy the cheap one if they just want to get the best experience of watching movies. Even cheap system can offer people with pretty good listening experience. By the way, you are free to hire home theater designer and installer based on your own tastes and budget so you may get specific information and much satisfying results.

However, it will be a little bit different when people also want to listen to the music a lot. They should consider the system with better model. Last but not least, people have to make sure about the compatibility when buying home theater system.

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Tips for Easy Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning can be very hard task to do. Some people love to make and enjoy food in the kitchen. However, the cleaning can be very tiring process. The kitchen is full of detail and there are many items which are kept in this place. It is also familiar with water or oil splash.

Cleaning will surely be challenging especially for people who do not know about the right tips for cleaning the kitchen. To make sure that the kitchen cleaning process can be easier, less often, and more enjoyable, people need to follow these steps to get clean and beautiful kitchen.

  • Empty Dishwasher and Sink

Kitchen sounds like big and complicated space in the house but if people want to make sure that kitchen cleaning can be done easily and less often, they should start for simple one. People have to make sure that there is empty dishwasher as well as ink in the kitchen every time they start the cooking process.

It is necessary because people will be able to rinse and also load the dirty appliances right away. They will not leave them for sitting out for a few hours or even days.

  • As You Go Cleaning

It is super easy to add the dirty dish and kitchen appliance in the sink or dishwasher but it will be hard when the collection of dirty dish in the sink and dishwasher is too much. As long as people have the empty sink and also dishwasher anytime they start the meal preparation, it means that people will be able to clean as they go.

It must be easier to clean things little by little. It can be more enjoyable as well. Cleaning the whole dirty appliances at once can be huge burden for people for sure.

  • Cleaning Sink

Now people have the great habit for cleaning the dish and appliance easier. However, to make the happy kitchen cleaning habit, people must not only think about the cleaning the appliance and dish only.

They also have to think about kitchen environment cleaning including the sink cleaning. It is better to wash the dink with warm water and basil soap after dishwashing. People will get soothing as well as satisfying result because the sink will have good smell and clean condition. This way, people can also feel good when they are in the kitchen. They will also get extra advantage since the dish will not get extra greasy so the washing up time can be saved.

  • Maintenance Work

The burnt on stains as well as rust spots on the stainless steel pan and pot will be disturbance in the kitchen for sure. Spotty or a bit rusty knives will not be good option as well. It must be great if people can find them get its shine back just like when it is a brand new one.

For this purpose, people just need to do the maintenance work on the knives as well as cookware at least one in a month. It will be a great time for addressing the issue so it will not get out of the control.

  • Cutting Board Oiling

Oil and the kitchen surely cannot be separated one another. However, some people maybe do not think that the oil can have crucial relation with the cutting board. If people have the cutting board made from wooden material, they need to oil it once a month.

The same treatment process can also be done to the wooden spoons. It is simple yet useful maintenance for saving time as well as money. With this care, the wooden cutting board and spoon can last longer so they do not have to buy it often. More useful yet simple tips can be found for best kitchen cleaning.

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How to Choose the Best Water Filters for your Home

Are you about to choose water filters for your home? You obviously need to know what the things that you need to concern are. Manufacturers could say anything about their products as a strategy for them to make people believe that they offer safe water filters.

There are many concerns related to water filters including the quality of the tap. Many complain dealing with the quality. Homeowners seem to have been neglected the fact that they should also be concerned about water contamination besides fixing plumbing problems.

For that reason, there are some tips for you to choose the best water filters for your home. What are they?

  • Choosing Home Water Filters

First of all, you need to know your water needs. Are you familiar with POE or POU systems? These systems are the ones that available to be used at home.

The first system functions to treat the waters at your home and then connect the water to the meter as well as the storage tank. Meanwhile, the second system helps to treat consumed water including shower head and sink.

The most common filter is POU. There are several benefits for this system including the installation. This system can be externally attached and also installed inline. The components of the particular system include personal water bottles and also pitcher filters. In this case, you can mount the system to the sink, countertop, faucet or plumbing system.

For singles or couples, it is recommended to use small carafe style pitcher since they need only a small amount of water. However, many homeowners refuse to attach the filter on their countertops and so forth.

For contamination case, as homeowners, you should be aware of water contamination and what kind of contamination that you find in your water. By doing so, you can decide whether or not you need a specific filter to prevent contamination.

The contamination of the water in your home is based on the circumstances of your home. You can inspect the water whether or not it has sediment or rust. Homeowners who use wells at home as the source of water should be aware since bacteria are often found in the water.

  • The Steps for Choosing Healthy Home Water Filters

You need to establish the capacity as well as the purpose of you drinking water. First of all you should keep in mind that the main purpose of you for drinking from home water filter is to get safe as well as healthy water.

Second of all, you need to remove the calcium carbonate that is placed on the tap water. Therefore, you can enhance the taste of the water.

Third, you should prevent yourself from the effects of chlorine which includes dry skin as well as frizzy hair. You also need to make sure that the water filters could help you avoiding hard water that could damage pipes, clothes, showerheads and many more.

The filters aren’t expensive. So, you have to make sure how many filters do you want to install at home. For examples, perhaps you want to install it to the pitcher, faucet, sink, refrigerator, and more. Overall, choose water filter that could maintain you and your family’s health.

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